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1. We are the Real 144,000. We are God loving men and women who, long ago, walked with Jesus and today, (as prophesized), we walk with the “Comforter” healing people’s bodies and exorcizing demons from people’s Souls, just like we did 2,000 years ago.
2. We are not affiliated in any way with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Protestants or Catholics. Pauline Christians fear God because they worship a false image of both God and Jesus.
3. “Comforter” is the name God loving Jesus gave to our God loving leader, 2,000 years ago in a document that Jesus himself put in the Ark of the Covenant, when he reburied it.
John 14:26, “The Comforter, whom the Father will send in my name, shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”
New: In 1995, the Comforter received visions about the 144,000 and the Lions of Jud-Ah’s secret spiritual wisdom. Then, in 1997, a new series of visions lead him to a secret location that had ancient heretofore unknown documents from the Lions of Jud-Ah, including secret sacred esoteric writings from Enoch, Jesus and Amaru.

A series of CDs now contains this previously secret esoteric spiritual wisdom. In the 2nd CD, Jesus describes, (in his Secret Autobiography), finding the Ark of the Covenant. The 3rd CD has Jesus’ description of the 144,000, the bestowing of Souls, the “Inner Stars of David” and what it means to be a Son of God.

Click Here for details on secret writings discovered in 1997 and CDs containing Enoch, Jesus and Amaru’s esoteric wisdom. ($5 from each $12 CD sale sent to AIDS orphans).

Click Here to order these CDs by mail, or to download immediately, this amazing Ancient Secret Esoteric Wisdom from the Lions of Jud-Ah called Enoch, Jesus and Amaru.
Click Here Watch short video describe CDs. See AIDS orphans we help, sing and smile.

NEW One Day Love Energy Workshops are life changing events. Receive the Love Energy Activations used by Jesus and the Lions of Jud-Ah to awaken the energies of Love within people’s Minds, Souls and Spirits. Receive Love Energies with Enoch’s Sacred Anointing Oil, Waterless Baptisms with Teraphim and Jesus’ Love Energy Activation Ceremonies. Hear the wisdom that long ago enabled one to walk on water or fly in the air. Email to register or to ask questions

When the last members of the 144,000 are found, it is time to leave for the New Heaven and New Earth, prophesized in Matthew and St John the Mystic's Revelation
(Matthew 24:23-24 and Revelation Chapter 7:2-4)

Click Play and listen to Jesus Sing a 9 Word “Song”
(Revelation Chapter 14:3)

Reactions to the “9 Words” means you are part of the 144,000 who came to earth with Jesus. Email to receive secret “Family” information, from Jesus' 2nd resurrection, or 2nd reincarnation on where your Soul is located.

Note: We are not part of any church and your email addresses are not given to others.

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